vrindhavan retreat

Situated in a salubrious suburb of Kochi, in close proximity to the international airport, Vrindavan Ayurveda Retreat combines the comfort and conveniences of a contemporary hotel, the gentle ministrations of an Ayurveda hospital and the spritual solace of a Yoga retreat to provide guests with an unmatched experience.

Set amidst verdant greenery, Vrindavan is designed in the Indo Saracenic style of architecture, employing Sandstone walls, pillars, beams and lintels, high arches and domes with pinnacles reminiscent of the Palaces of Rajasthan. Inside, a large cupola funnels soft light through the day onto an elaborately sculpted fountain in the middle of an atrium, with corridors and rooms arrayed alongside. In the lobby furnished with plush sofas, stained glass panels below the ceiling depict episodes from Hindu mythology.

An organic farm and dairy set behind the resort produces fresh, wholesome milk and grows many of the ingredients used in the cures and treatments offered at the Vrindavan Retreat in addition to vegetables and spices that are served to guests. Accommodations at Vrindavan are spacious and offered in three configurations. Opulently furnished in a fashion quiet like those in an ancient abodes of royalty – ornate lamps and decorative motifs, plush bolsters and cushions, satin drapes and sumptuous beds, all rooms nevertheless contain all modern conveniences and amenities.

Why search for a cure when one can heal with nature? Why opt for the tumult of a city when the same infrastructure and conveniences are on offer in a pristine and serene environment? Come, relax, revive and heal at the Vrindavan Ayurveda Retreat.

Yoga at Vrindavan Retreat

Vrindavan is more than a treatment center; it is the abode of knowledge which opens the path to self realization; at physical, mental and spiritual levels. Year after year, we spend our resources on finding a solution to our spiritual and mental ailments. The irony is that our body knows how to heal itself - when approached in the right manner.
Ayurveda and Yoga retreat at Vrindavan assists in that self-healing process. As a result, the treatment given will address the disease at the root, rather than giving a symptomatic relief.